Global full bouquet services for all the telemarketing needs

Calling our customers worldwide not only for the support of sophisticated trading platforms, mission critical software's and utilities but also for the financial recoveries and backend processing, we are determined and thirsty enough to establish ourselves as a world leader in telemarketing space. The innovative ideas and versatile industry experience of our global team is at par with any fortune 500 company








  • American Customer

    "Support and Financial Recoveries for our esteem clients from american customers"

  • Customer's from UK

    "Calling our customers in UK for various phone plans and thier business and vacation travel plans"

  • Australian User

    "Serving and supporting Software's for our resedential and business customer's in Australia"

  • Canadian Customer

    "Wide range of telemarketing services for cellular companies, restaurants, pay-per-click, website news publisher's and travel reservations"

  • Japanese Customer

    "Support related to extremely sophisticated trading customer, providing savior hedging and covered techniques to ease out on daily closing's with minimum losses"

  • European Customer

    "Multilingual support for software's from blue chip companies, travel and restaurant reservations"

  • Indian Customer

    "Helping indian customers for flight reservations, online shopping, product promotions and printing services"

Our Business Verticals

Extensive experience and wide range of innovations in the field of telemarketing arena with three primary verticals across the globe.

Financial Support

Licensed and Affiliated with several leading banks and brokers in multiple countries for the loan consolidations, recoveries, mortgage, hedging and trading support. We have nationwide presence thorugh our principals in united states for various financial products like mortgage and recoveries.

Technology Support

Our principals in USA have more than 20 years of existense in USA for the technology expertise. We provide consumer and enterprise technical support for the mission critical products and solutions. Our other vertical platforms are developed inhouse with world latest adaptive technologies and user interfaces covering desktop's and mobile space.

Travel & Food

Supporting and serving all the travel needs to millions of customers worldwide with direct and exclusive support agreements with leading travel companies. We have demonstrated our powers of travel telemarketing capablities in super diffult conutries like Somalia where reservations are never heard of.


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